Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cormac's Dinosaur Party

Cormac turned 5! We gave him a present on his actual birthday, and all went out for dinner (for mine), but his party was on Saturday. Both he and Russell are really in love with dinosaurs right now, so we had an awesome dinosaur-themed party.

I didn't decorate much this year, just dinosaur steps up to the door, and some dinosaurs scattered on the table. The kids played with them while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We couldn't resist getting the boys these awesome t-shirts!

We had some delicious pizza, and other great snacks.

Our activity was digging up dinosaur bones! All the kids got a block and excavation tools, and they dug out bones. (They had a lot of fun, but the blocks didn't actually contain entire skeletons, which was a little disappointing.)

Next, we took the party outside. We played with dinosaurs frozen in ice, we had bubbles in the kiddie pool, and the kids all got soaked and exhausted.

We had cake and ice cream outside, so the kids could dry off a little. Cormac loved being sung to, and loved eating cake with his favorite friends -his cousins.

Lastly, we went in for presents. Cormac loves presents as much as the next 5-year-old, but he was mostly excited to play with them with his cousins. He loves his family so much!

I think everyone had a great time. Cormac told me it was the best day ever. Many times. He thanked me many times, too, which made me feel good (not just to feel appreciated, but also to know he is growing up to be polite and appreciative!). We sure love that boy. He has started to talk back a little this year, and gives us attitude occasionally. But he is quick to obey when we call him on it, and really works to make us proud. He is still very sweet and I'm so proud of him. He's already a really good reader, and though he doesn't like writing, he is improving with much practice. Cormac is wonderful, and we loved him to pieces.