Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Getaway

Scott was working a lot of long hours, so we decided we needed a fun weekend away. We just went to SLC, but it was still fun, and we stayed in a hotel and felt like it was a good, mini vacation. We took the boys ice skating for the first time, and they loved it! Cormac didn't want to leave, once he realized he wouldn't fall and die on the ice  ;) Russell wanted to explore the whole place, then get back on and off the ice... but they both did well skating, and will probably be better than their mom next time we go! Because it wouldn't be that hard...

The next night we went to the boys' first hockey game! They liked the pre-game show, half-time show, and the snacks the best. But hockey is a little harder to follow than basketball -they didn't know where the puck was most of the time. Still, they loved cheering and groaning with the crowd. We'll have to go again next year.

We took Trax into the city the next day, which was probably the boys' favorite part of the day. We went to the Planetarium, and the went to the movies -we watched Beauty and the Beast. It was good, but Russell fell asleep. We were playing pretty hard!

It was so nice to get away. The boys think staying in a hotel is AMAZING. Probably because Saturday morning we went to the big brunch at Little America, and they had awesome food -and so many options for little boys! Hopefully we'll have a couple more little getaways this year, since we're not taking the boys to Hawaii. It's fun to have little adventures with them. Especially because the boys think they are BIG adventures!